About Us

Group Home Collective is a collection of apparel, arts, and skateboarding. After closing Aveanew, a skate shop I owned and operated in Normal Heights San Diego for five years, I wanted to continue working with my skateboard and artist friends. Skaters are inherently creative people from all walks of life which makes our culture that much more beautiful. It’s rich with talent. We look at the world as our natural urban canvas. From stairs, rails, ledges, ditches, etc. We make more out of them than their original purpose. We paint the landscape with our imagination.

I’ve been very blessed to have met so many talented people through my life and love of skateboarding. I still do, to this very day! From skaters, musicians, artists, and other creatives. This has led me to Group Home Collective.

All artwork and products sold here are created by yours truly or my artist friends. They are all original ideas by real people. Each purchase goes right back into paying the commissioned artists and keeps this project going. The life cycle of creating - Group Home Collective!  

~ Greg

Just warming up...Group Home